In the heart of the United States, amidst the sprawling orchards of Ecocert certified apples, Appleactiv embarks on a journey to redefine wellness. Our commitment to holistic health leads us to uncover the transformative potential of Dried Apple Peel Powder—an innovative product developed from 100% organic apple peels.

The Essence of Dried Apple Peels:

Organic apple peels, often discarded as waste, hold a wealth of nutritional treasures. Laden with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, they embody nature’s vitality in its purest form. At Appleactiv, we harness this essence and craft Dried Apple Peel Powder to deliver concentrated goodness in every spoonful.

Unlocking Nutritional Brilliance:

Rich in antioxidants like quercetin and catechin, Dried Apple Peel Powder combats oxidative stress and promotes cellular health. Its high fiber content supports digestive wellness, aiding in digestion and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. With each serving, you unlock the nutritional brilliance of dried apple peels sourced from Ecocert certified apples.

The Versatility of Apple Peel Powder:

One of the most remarkable qualities of Dried Apple Peel Powder lies in its versatility. Whether added to morning smoothies, sprinkled over oatmeal, or incorporated into baked goods, its uses are endless. Embrace the convenience and health benefits of Dried Apple Peel Powder in your daily routine and experience the transformative power of nature’s bounty.

A Commitment to Quality:

At Appleactiv, quality is paramount. From sourcing the finest organic apples to processing them into Dried Apple Peel Powder, we adhere to the highest standards of excellence. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive a product that is not only effective but also safe and pure.

Sustainability at the Core:

In addition to prioritizing quality, Appleactiv is dedicated to sustainability. By repurposing apple peels that would otherwise go to waste, we minimize food waste and promote environmental stewardship. With each purchase of Dried Apple Peel Powder, you join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future.

Embrace Wellness with Appleactiv:

Embark on a journey towards holistic wellness with Appleactiv’s Dried Apple Peel Powder. Experience the pure vitality of organic apple peels, meticulously processed and packaged for your convenience. With each serving, you nourish your body with nature’s goodness and take a step towards a healthier, more vibrant life.


In a world inundated with synthetic supplements, Dried Apple Peel Powder by Appleactiv offers a natural, sustainable alternative. Derived from Ecocert certified apples in the United States, our specially processed product embodies the essence of wellness. Embrace the transformative power of dried apple peels and unlock the secret to vibrant health with Appleactiv.