Moreeb Dune, a large-sized dunes located in the Empty Quarter Desert of United Arab Emirates near Liwa Oasis. Moreeb Dune is a large sand dune with a slope of approximately 50 degrees and a height of 300 meters. It is used for drag racing competitions.

The Moreeb Dune Festival in Abu Dhabi runs from Jan. 5 to 9.

Capture Moreeb – Discovering the world’s tallest sand dunes

Moreeb Dune, the tallest sand dunes in the world, is located in the Empty Quarter Desert of United Arab Emirates near Liwa Oasis. Moreeb Dune, which is said to have a slope of 50 degrees, attracts motorsports enthusiasts who compete in dune bashing competitions as well as mountain climbing enthusiasts from around the world looking to test their strength at this iconic location.

A full-day excursion from Dubai allows visitors to discover Moreeb Dunes and its magnificent summit. You can witness the striking formations of Moreeb up close. Bring enough water on your board and try sand-boarding or bashing.

You may gasp and crane your neck as you approach the towering sand hills of Tal Moreeb. Watch out for signs indicating “Moreeb Dune”, or “Tal Mireb.” Enjoy the splendor of the dune from the top before exploring the cultural complex that hosts events all year. Winter visitors can enjoy the Moreeb Dune Festival, which celebrates UAE desert cultures.

Exploring Moreeb Dune & Liwa Desert

Moreeb Dune is the world’s highest sand dunes. It stands at 300m and has slopes of 50 degrees in UAE’s Empty Quarter desert, near Liwa Oasis. This massive dune is a must-see for desert lovers and adventurers due to its height and slope. It also hosts the Liwa Tal Moreeb Festival, which attracts thrill-seekers from all over with their four-wheel drive vehicles and crazy buggies.

The rewards of reaching the summit are worth it. Visitors can test their limits, but they should be prepared to bring enough water and in good physical condition for the adventure. This landmark also offers visitors an insight into Liwa’s rich cultural heritage.

A full-day excursion to Liwa Desert offers sandboarding and dune bashing, as well as visiting the fort and nearby sand dunes. It is easily accessible by car. The journey to Moreeb Dune is a winding road that winds through vertiginous sand mountain ranges. However, the highway has been extended all the way to its base.

The Liwa International Festival is held every December and offers a variety of exciting events as well as culturally enriching experiences. This festival is notable for its drag racing competitions on Moreeb Dune, one of the most difficult courses in the world. It also features classic car parades, fireworks displays and food stalls.

Moreeb Dune – Discovering Liwa’s Crowning Sand Slope

The Moreeb Dune, located in the Liwa oasis of Arabian Peninsula, is a natural wonder that features an amazing slope of sand. You must see it to believe it! Adventurers and history buffs love this attraction. Moreeb Dune, also known as Tal Mireb in the local language, is a 300m-high dune that can be accessed by foot or car.

The paved road that runs along the edge of Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter), reaches Moreeb’s base. It provides an accessible and scenic tour without requiring a 4WD vehicle. The parking lot is at the foot of the dune, where visitors can see its dramatic incline and awe-inspiring beauty.

The dunes are alive at night with an ethereal glow that casts long, sweeping shadows over their uneven topography. This faded light illuminates every grain of sand to create a spiritual scene.

Liwa Moreeb festival is an annual celebration of UAE culture and heritage that attracts the top four-wheel drivers in the region to compete. They race on steep slopes, on a track for freestyle drifting and on a track for horse, classic car and comel racing. The guests can also enjoy camel races.

The UNESCO Sand Wonder of the UAE, Moreeb Dune

Moreeb Dune, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the United Arab Emirates, is a stunning site. Moreeb’s massive size and stunning beauty make it a truly memorable experience. Moreeb also features singing sand, which has fascinated physicists for years. Its dramatic presence in the UAE’s Empty Quarter extends to Saudi Arabia.

Moreeb Dune is located in the Liwa Desert in UAE. It measures 300 meters high and has a 50 degree incline. This makes it ideal for drag racing. The peak of the dune offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Most hotels in Liwa can arrange trips to the Liwa Dune. Scientists have yet to explain the “singing” sand that creates an enchanting sound. This remains one of nature’s most mysterious phenomena.

The Liwa Moreeb Dunes also host the Liwa Moreeb Festival every year, a motorsports event that is very popular. The festival offers a variety of activities, including racing to the top of one of the tallest sand hills.